Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dollar Store Crafts Fall Challenge!! FASHION =)

OMG super excited to prep for the new upcoming challenge found here !!!!! I am already brain storming and doing my best to think outside the fashion BOX!!!
Stay Tuned for the Craft Challenge Submission I will Post next Month!! YAAAAAAAAAY

Dollar Store Crafts Fall Fashion Challenge Sept 1-7th

Past Craft Posts =)

I moved these over here from my other blog so I can Have a central Location for my Craft Projects =)


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

DIY ...No Sew Envelope Clutch Purse

For the Dollar Store Crafts challenge found here i decided to stick to what I love which is some sort of fashion related item. 

Which turned out to be a envelope clutch I got this idea on the web awhile ago and decided to give it a try since it is a school supply item. 

Supplies Needed:

Clear Button Folio  $1 (my local dollar tree)
Leather Scrap ~ On Hand
Scissors ~ On hand
Craft Glue or Glue Gun ~ On hand

This is a super simple basic project and it comes out reallly really cute!!!! =)

My Supplies =)

My Leather Scrap and My Clear Button Folio

I traced my leather around the folio and trimmed it out and glued it down let it dry and.....


All Ready to Go! 

Front View

Back View

Hope you enjoyed it........