Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fall Fashion Craft Challenge

I have entered a new fall fashion craft challenge found here ...
What better way to bring in the school year with a little FASHION! =) Oh yea.
I decided to do a little throwback fashion some love it and some hate it..What is "it" you say???

THE FANNY PACK. Now the fanny pack has had its time its has been hated by many and loved by few however if you think about it THE FANNY PACK is pretty nifty accessory, its like a Hands Free Clutch (see previous contest entry =) ) Being a mom on the go I feel it will come in handy for me and not to mention designers have brought it back and some celebrities have rocked without a care so check out my inspiration pics below..Enjoy

And now for my reinvention of the Fanny Pack Simple quick DIY

Supplies Needed:
* Small Wristlet or old clutch I got mine from the Dollar Tree  ($1)
* Glue Gun (on hand)
* Old Purse Strap or a belt would work (on hand)
*2 Large jump rings or some type of rings to affix the strap to (took from and old bag)

Optional Supplies
* embelishments (on hand) rhinestones, beads all that good stuff
* markers (draw a design)

Gather Supplies

Find an Old Purse strap

Embelishments in order =)

I just took a permanent marker and drew a little design on the bag then......
Go to WORK!!! Love my GLUE GUN!!! Be Sure to add large rings to the side in order to attach purse strap to

A Close up of the Fanny Pack
Now adjust the purse strap to hook on to Jumprings
Rock it to your kid's next sporting event hands FREE!!!

Check out below for more shots

The possiblities are endless with this little nifty DIY!!

$1 For this Project!

Hope you  liked it

Much love, glitter, and glue